Year 2 Workshop

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem


The second workshop will be devoted to the theme, "Worship and the Human".   Questions to be addressed include: In what ways might worship be constitutive of a good life?  Does it ever make sense to worship someone or something? Is it ever ethical to engage in worship, and is it ever unethical not to engage in worship? How might attitudes like worship and deference contribute to a meaningful relationship among worshippers and between the worshippers and the thing that is worshipped? When might such attitudes be detrimental? What conception of human flourishing might lead to a role for worship, and how might worship play that role? What conception of communal flourishing might lead to a role for communal worship, and how might worship play that role? What role, if any, do icons and iconography play in a good life?

Workshop Participants:

  • Cole Aronson

  • Andrew Chignell

  • Ryan Christensen

  • Terence Cuneo

  • Scott Davison

  • Omar Fakhri

  • Peter Furlong

  • Joshua Golding

  • Sharon Krishek

  • Kevin Ladd

  • Stephanie Nordby

  • Saul Smilansky

  • Meghan Sullivan

  • Dar Triffon Reshef

  • Patty van Cappellen

  • Leigh Vicens

  • Maria Beer Vuco

  • Thomas Ward

  • Dean Zimmerman


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