Year 1 Workshop 

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

August 5-8, 2019

The summer 2019 workship was devoted to the theme, “Worship and the Divine”.  We  addressed such questions as: 

What might make someone or something worthy of worship and another unworthy? What is worship, and how does it differ from other attitudes, such as deference, respect, and honor? Is there an attitude that is the “opposite” of worship, and is it ever
appropriate? If God exists, what should our attitude be toward God? Would God’s existence make a
difference to how humans ought to live? Why would a divine being call upon others to worship it? Does
anyone have the authority to mandate worship? Can more than one thing be worthy of worship?

For some videos produced at the workshop, click here.

Workshop Participants

  • Alexis Abernethy

  • Robert Adams

  • Sean Clancy

  • Yishai Cohen

  • Sherri Conklin

  • Tyron Goldschmidt

  • Michael Harris

  • Nicole Hassoun

  • Avital Hazony

  • Mark Murphy

  • Andrew Newberg

  • John Pittard

  • Elliot Salinger

  • Josef Stern

  • Eleonore Stump

  • Robert Wallace

  • Brandon Warmke

  • Craig Warmke

  • Roslyn Weiss

  • Eric Yang

  • Shlomo Zuckier